Name Board Night Lamp Name Board Night Lamp

Name Board Night Lamp

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Handcrafted for Mom

Handcrafted for Mom

A supermom Mom with this carved pencil gift.

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-      She's given you the world. This Mother's Day, maybe give her more than a last-minute Hallmark card with your signature scribbled in the corner. Here is a unique gifts for mom she'll be happy to receive and proud to show off, from her favorite kid with love.
Make your birthday greeting a little extra classy with this unique and customised gift.

-      Our best selling product is up for grabs at a highly cut down price!

-      A unique and never seen before gift, it has your messages engraved on a pencil tip kept inside a beautiful bottle.

-      Perfect for conveying your messages in a mesmerizing way.

-      A pencil finely carved by an artist to form a beautiful message, and you can also  carved it with your loved one’s name.

-      The bottle is classy and beautiful. At the same time, it ensures that the engraving doesn’t get damaged.

-      Gift it to a loved one and leave your heartfelt messages for them.

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