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Super Mother Contract

Super Mother Contract

Gift your Mom a legal contract to continue being a Super Mother for life.

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-      This current Mother's Day, send her a formally bundled organizer including an entertaining contract restricting her to keep being a Super Mother forever. 

-      Inside the agreement, you will discover a rundown of interesting terms to be satisfied by the beneficiary. Inability to finish the agreement card under the hereto terms and assertions put forward by the court of will bring about some truly critical outcomes.  


Here's an example of the sort of inquiries your Mother should reply in the agreement:  

-      The beneficiary will play at least one of the accompanying parts amid the legally binding time frame.  

-      ( ) Master Chef ( ) Gossip Partner  

-      ( ) Movie Buddy ( ) Others_______________________  

-      The beneficiary needs to overlook at least one of the accompanying irritating propensities for her customer. 

-      ( ) Phone enslavement ( ) Eating Pizzas over Paalak  

-      ( ) 14-hour rest cycle ( ) Buying this senseless contract over a Saree  

-      The beneficiary needs to embrace the customer at least____________ times each week amid the legally binding time frame and spoil with this dish____________________ at whatever point requested.

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