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Name Board Night Lamp

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Gift in a Cake

Gift in a Cake

A hidden gift inside a cake is the best surprise you can offer to your loved one.

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- To up your cake game with very little extra effort, consider gifting this cake with surprises hidden inside!


- The idea of having a surprise hidden inside of cake, bread, or other treats was just too much to ignore!

- Definitely no buyers remorse with this purchase!
- Whether you call it a surprise inside, or a pinata, creating a cake with a surprise on the inside,  is by far one of the best cakes to get it for your loved ones . Now, to top that surprise component, We have added some exotic Momento Watches all the beautiful ladies out there and some elegant wrist watches for the gentlemen.


Product details ● 1kg will be available in chocolate flavour ● 100% eggless ● Get it customised by including a 5 word message ● There would be a plastic packaging to ensure cleanliness ● Extra changes may be applied as per the location of delivery .

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