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Name Board Night Lamp

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Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Valentine Special- 3 Surprise Towers.

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-      Know somebody for whom one present is essentially insufficient? Amaze them with a pinnacle of 3 presents high quality to make this present Valentine's Day some additional glad.   

The blessings include:-  

-      Box 1: A cooler magnet tweaked with 2 of your most loved photographs.  

-      Box 2: 5 Heart formed drain chocolates and a message in a container. The message says 'I cherish you soooo... much.'  

-      Box 3: A jug fitted with a battery worked light. A tag is appended to the jug with the message 'Will you be my Valentine?' Your adored one should switch on the light in light of the inquiry.  




-      The chocolates are palatable up to a half year if refrigerated.  

-      The photographs can be taken in the requested shape after the Payment page.  

Product dimension Size of each case: 3 X 3 X 3 inches.

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