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7 Promises

7 Promises

The handcrafted wooden box.

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-      Take inspiration from these real couples who wrote their own romantic wedding vows. 

-      Whether you want to get your guests giggling or grabbing for the tissues, penning your promises will truly personalize your promises. Steal ideas from these self-written vows from real couples who crafted custom ones 

-      The handcrafted wooden box, made of pinewood, comprises 7 promises every couple can relate to. The promises are as follows:-


      I promise to stay quiet when you want to stay alone, hold your hand when you need someone, tell you a joke when you are sad, sing for you when you are bored, dance for you if singing doesn’t help, make you maggi when you are hungry, order for food online when the maggi gets burnt and get you ice cream whenever life seems bitter, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

I never realised when we turned from strangers to friends to close friends to someone I cannot imagine my life without. It seems like just yesterday when I met you and my life changed forever. The more I know you, the more I fall in love with the person you truly are. I promise to always love you for who you are (even the 5-year old you sometimes become) and I promise that the process of falling for each other will never stop.

I may not say this often but I truly want to thank you for taking care. I want to thank you for being there. I want to thank you for being the world’s best anti-depressant pill (just being around you is like watching a cartoon movie). I want to thank you for being my life jacket and supporting me in every step of life. I love every little thing about you, especially that adorable smile which I am so in love with. But more than anything, in the cheesiest way possible, I want to thank you for choosing me to spend your life with.

I promise to share everything with you as we grow older, including my dentures when you lose yours, my walking stick when yours gets wobbly, my toothbrush when you misplace yours, my clothes when you stop fitting into yours, my glasses when you break yours, my couch when the grandchildren are sleeping on yours and my smile when you can’t seem to find yours.

I promise to always be your private executive genie and make your every wish my command. If there’s anything you ever need master, all you have to do is wish and I will get it done. Just don’t ask for anything too expensive or too difficult or the genie may resign from its role without serving a notice period.

They say that people and their choices change as they age. I promise that if I ever change in future, it will only be to become a better person than I am, for you. You, on the other hand, are perfect. In fact, I have also written to ISI to get a hallmark certification to authenticate how awesome you are. So do me a favour and remain just the way you are and never change, ok?


I promise that if I ever happen to break any of the promises, I shall quickly write 7 more promises to make up for the promises I broke. Promise

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